Five must-see documentaries about wine

The world of cinema and the world of wine make a fantastic duo. More than just the irresistible pleasure of watching a good movie with a glass of wine, there are so many wine documentaries that are an authentic treat. You can find them in all languages and for all tastes. We have chosen 5 that you simply cannot miss out on if you are an authentic wine lover. Naturally, we have crowned the documentary “Jerez & The Mystery of the Palo Cortado” as our winner.

Let’s look into our choice of five documentaries that you mustn’t miss:


Jerez & The Mystery of the Palo Cortado

The creators of “The chicken, the fish and the real crab” have dived into the world of wine in order to reveal the mysteries of the Palo Cortado, one of the most popular styles of Sherry wine. This documentary has caused many great moments and have made the Sherry wines travel from screen to screen, all over the world, since it was launched in Berlin four years ago.

You can see it here online



In this documentary we follow the preparation of four sommeliers whose goal is to pass the prestigious exam of becoming a Master Sommelier, an exam with one of the lowest pass rates in the world – an extended and very human view of this extremely difficult test.

You can buy it here and you can also watch it on Netflix


SOMM: Into the Bottle

From the same team that produced the highly acclaimed documentary SOMM, we find the sequel, where we continue to follow the journey of four sommeliers trying to pass the Master Sommelier exam.

You can see it here online


Blood into Wine

Maynard James Keenan is a very diverse artist, lead singer of the American group Tool, member of ‘A Perfect Circle’, creator of the project Puscifer and winner of three Grammy awards. This documentary shows a very different facet of his life, where he is the businessman and owner of different vineyards in the state of Arizona. Here Keenan faces a new challenge, very different from that which he is used to, but luckily, he has the passion for wines running through his veins.

You can see it here online


A year in Burgundy

This documentary follows the four seasons of the year in Burgundy. From Spring, when the viticulturists are planting new vines starting to blossom to following the salesmen of the wine world travelling to different wineries, tasting and talking to their favourite winemakers about the wines that will hit the market a couple of months later. This is exactly what Martine Saunier, main character of this movie, does.

You can see it here online

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