MasterChef, the star show of TV1 and the Spanish version the worldwide success, has been in Gonzalez Byass’ historic cellars in Jerez

Gonzalez Byass Jerez opens its doors for one of the most high profile cooking shows at the moment, MasterChef. Competitors and the famous presenters of the show; Eva Gonzalez, Pepe Rodriguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz, were guided through our historic cellars by Gonzalez Byass Chairman Mauricio González-Gordon and Master Blender Antonio Flores.

All were treated to a journey through this unique world with its exceptional wines, history and curiosities. From a tasting of the different types of wines by the hand of Antonio Flores to a lesson in the art of the venencia with Tio Pepe venenciador Paco Gandon. This special visit was topped off with the honour of signing one of the Gonzalez Byass casks housed here in Jerez.


Following this intense immersion in the world of Jerez, Beronia became the host for the MasterChef team with a barbeque prepared with Beronia Reserva. Contestants were asked to prepare a lunch in the country to be matched with Beronia Reserva, the essence of our Riojan winery.

MasterChef is a talent contest looking for the best amateur chefs which has become famous worldwide. MasterChef Spain was first aired in 2013 and now attracts 20.000 applicants and máximum audience at prime time.


The episode featuring González Byass will be aired on 18th May at 22.15.


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