Mr. Tío Pepe (Uncle Joe)

In 1835, when the sound of horses hooves could still be heard making their way through the streets of Jerez, José Ángel y Vargas and Francisco Gutiérrez de Agüera walked along with Tío Pepe’s 23-year-old nephew, Manuel María González Ángel, who was starting out in the wine business. Manuel Maria found in his uncle his greatest support.

During those years, José Ángel, or Tío Pepe (Uncle Joe), started buying little amounts of the finest casks of sherry and experimenting with them in order to obtain the perfect wine.

It was quite usual to see José Ángel tasting pale fino wines with friends near the cathedral, in the Tío Pepe Rebollo cellar (original solera of the Tío Pepe wine). This is why this wine started to be known popularly as “Tío Pepe”, in honour of this endearing, extroverted man, with such an exquisite taste for wine.

Some years later, the founder Manuel María González Ángel baptized this solera as the “Tio Pepe Solera”, as can still be seen in one of the andanas’s cask inscriptions.
This is how the legend of the most famous fino in Spain and the world was born.


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