If someone asks “What is an Oloroso?

Oloroso is a wine that we describe as having undergone oxidative ageing because it comes into contact with oxygen from the outset as a result of not being covered by the magical veil we call “Flor”.

Making and Ageing Oloroso

Why is there no flor?. Simply because these single-cell fungi, which are the flor yeasts, only live in an environment where the alcohol level is below 16 degrees.

Oloroso is a fortified wine where the winemaker has fortified the must to 18% abv, which is beyond the yeast’s alcohol tolerance level. The lack of flor means that the organoleptic profile of this wine is completely different to those of fino and amontillado.

Tasting Notes for Oloroso

The oxidation to which the wine is subjected, means it develops an intense and darker amber colour. In the glass the oldest olorosos will display touches of orange on the meniscus, the rim of the wine. As its name suggests, this is a wine that is rich in aromas, including vanilla from the wood, hints of spices, leather and salt, which comes from the albariza soil. Where yeast is present, as with finos, the alcohol turns into acetaldehyde, but with olorosos this phenomenon does not occur. The fact that the alcohol is not consumed means that the levels of glycerine (a secondary alcohol) are higher, making the wine unctuous, which can be defined as a false sweetness in dry oloroso.

Vino Oloroso

Vino Oloroso

How and when do you drink Oloroso?

Oloroso is one of the most traditional and typical wines of Jerez, a powerful wine that is a good match for bowl food, strongly flavoured cured or cold meats, very mature cheeses and spicy vegetable dishes as it can balance them perfectly. It is recommended to chill the wine down to 9-10 degrees.

Oloroso Maridaje vegetariano

Oloroso Maridaje vegetariano

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