“Sherry Fusion”, Documentary

This intriguingly titled documentary being shown by González Byass for the first time is full of raw emotion, showing the intimate relationship between the guitar with a capital ‘G’ and the sherry wines. It links different forms of flamenco with different styles of sherry chosen in the winery by Pitu Roca under the guidance of Antonio Flores and interpreted by Diego del Morao on his guitar.

Pitu Roca delves into the centuries-old soleras of the González Byass winery with determination, admiration and passion, helped along by his friend, winemaker and Master Blender Antonio Flores, aiming to reflect the pursuit of excellence, character and “duende” that is embodied in unique Palo Cortado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez wines.

Pitu describes every nuance of the wine with enormous sensitivity, understanding and professionalism, tracing out each one’s individual journey as a source of inspiration for Diego del Morao, who comes from a long line of guitar players and is always keen to explore new ideas. He is a gifted player who makes finding the chords and the harmony that describe the sherries tasted by Antonio and Pitu to perfection look easy. His playing also catches the men’s almost rapt astonishment as they taste the wines.

The documentary focuses on five wines that represent the best of González Byass. In this film by creative genius Jorge Martínez, the wines appear to ooze with authenticity and history whilst reflecting the different styles of flamenco. “Jerez Entreverao” (“Sherry Fusion”) it was screened for the first time at Madrid Fusión 2019.

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