Gonzalez Byass launches The Sherry Apprentice

In response to the growing interest and demand for high quality Sherries in important markets such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, Gonzalez Byass is launching The Sherry Apprentice a competition which encourages sommeliers and mixologists in these markets to learn about Sherry, how to serve it and be creative with the wine when combined with other beverages and flavours.

The competition is made up of two parts; the first being a master class where participants are able to learn about the variety and styles of Sherries from Gonzalez Byass experts. The second part gives the contestants the chance to show off their knowledge about Sherry, their skill using a venencia (the traditional Jerezano way of serving Sherry for the barrel) and creativity in creating new cocktails, using premium Gonzalez Byass spirits brands such as London No1 Gin and Nomad Outland Whisky, with Sherry as the principle ingredient.

Launched this week The Sherry Apprentice will be promoted in the four key Far East markets to industry professionals, the objective being to develop the growing interest in Sherry and influencing new drinking and cocktail trends. By discovering and encouraging new ambassadors for Sherry, Gonzalez Byass and Tio Pepe are at the forefront of the category in inspiring new talent and promoting knowledge and enjoyment of Sherry in markets with tremendous potential.

Commenting on the launch Nicolas Bertino, international sales director at Gonzalez Byass said, “We have great faith in the relevance of this initiative for wine and spirit professionals in these very important markets. There is a burgeoning interest for Sherry here and Gonzalez Byass is determined to support this trend”.

Bertino continued, “The Sherry Apprentice by Tio Pepe gives trade professionals the chance to learn more about the product from experts and showcase that knowledge, using their own ideas and creativity to include Sherry in their portfolio and thus introduce new and exciting drinks to consumers.”

The Sherry Apprentice is launched on the 13th February 2015 with regional heats taking place in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore over the next two months. Finalists from each nation will be then invited to the Feria de Caballo in Jerez, in May, where they will compete against each other, in front of a panel of international judges, to find The 2015 Sherry Apprentice.


More information with regards to The Sherry Apprentice events:

A) China:

1) Competition:

10th of March in Guangzhou.

The 12th of March in Beijing.

17th of March in Shanghai.


2) Quarter-finals:

Between the 23rd and 26th of March


3) Semi-final:

7th of April


B) Hong Kong:

1) Competition:

19th of March.


2) Semi-final:

13th of April


C) Singapore:

1) Competition:

30th of March.


2) Semi-final:


20th of April


D) Malaysia:

1) Competition:

1st of April.


2) Semi-final:

23th of April



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