Tío Pepe Challenge Finalists 2018

Tio Pepe Challenge is an international cocktail and mixology competition with Sherry wines as the main focus, a worldwide event that attracts over 1000 professional bartenders yearly.

This is a unique opportunity for bartenders and mixologists from all over the world to discover and explore, along with leading experts, the endless possibilities of Sherry wines and to express their personal creativity and talent in preparing cocktails using Sherry as the main ingredient.

Masterclasses were held in each country to serve as a theoretical foundation and practical inspiration, leading up to national finals in each countries where the invitation and ticket to the international final could be achieved.

In this year’s international final, 13 top bartenders from around the world had to show off their creativity, innovation and expertise by coming up with the most impressive Sherry based cocktail. All aspects of the preparation and final cocktails were carefully valued and rated by our jury.

Below you will find a presentation of each of the finalists, a recap of the their performance throughout the final as well as the recipe of each of their cocktail proposals.

We encourage you to participate next year, when we are back with Tío Pepe Challenge 2019!

The Finalists

MEXICO – The Winner

Eduardo Nava – Limantour (CDMX) | Cocktail: “Gurrumino”


Janeth Ávila – La Brasserie (Bogotá) | Cocktail: “Pepe Martini”


Eduardo Martínez – Destil-Art (Albacete) | Cocktail: “Triunfo”


Andres Claeys – TapaBar (Antwerpen) | Cocktail: “Bodas de Sangre”


Nicolò Rossi – Barrier (Pergamo) | Cocktail: “Bulerías”


Claus Liebster – Lilies Lokal (Münster) | Cocktail: “Levante”


Valentino Longo – Four Seasons Surfside (Miami) | Cocktail: “Call me Cristoforo”


Madelaine Akerlund – Familjen (Göteborg) | Cocktail: “Gogreen”


Cameron Moncaster – The Mandrake Hotel (London) | Cocktail: “Sea, Spice, Citrus & Soil”


Kristian Leombruni – Go Go Bar (Melbourne) | Cocktail: “The Papparouli”


Roy Atarødi – Strøm bar (Copenhagen) | Cocktail: “Lola Flores”


Max Verrier – ISM (Oslo) | Cocktail: “Ceniza”


Duan Jiani – Bar Mall Fun (Shanghai) | Cocktail: “Grandpa’s Tea”

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