The spring that is about to arrive brings with it the 2018 release of Tio Pepe en Rama, the ninth in a row.

The vines, the work in the winery, oak and time have all contributed the notes required to produce perfect harmony in the 62 butts of Sherry that Antonio Flores has selected in the historic soleras of La Constancia.

The winter’s combination of a cold, dry start with rain and mild temperatures as it came to an end encouraged the formation of a substantial layer of ‘flor’, giving the Tio Pepe plenty of character. Intense, full of flavour and distinctly salty, it is the finest expression of the vine and the winery.

The wine displays a harmony evocative of guitar chords playing in the quiet of the evening.


Following a dry, very hot autumn during which temperatures averaged around 20 degrees, winter brought average temperatures of 9.9 degrees in January and 9.5 degrees in February, with 17 and 10 days of rain in each month respectively.

In October, Antonio selected 120 butts, 62 of which were eventually picked for bottling as Tío Pepe En Rama 2018. Yet again, these butts have all come from the heart of La Constancia, specifically from the original wineries of Rebollo and Constancia, which use must from grapes grown in Macharnudo.


A bright, vivid golden colour, Tío Pepe Fino en Rama 2018 is fragrant on the nose with instantly recognisable notes of bread and fresh yeast.

The character of the Macharnudo area is reflected in the saltiness of the wine, which is also elegantly bitter on the finish.

Tío Pepe En Rama 2018 will definitely enhance Mediterranean fish, seafood and vegetable dishes and is also set to be the star attraction at tapas bars worldwide, at a time when Spanish cuisine is more popular than ever.


Serve chilled in a small white wine glass in order to appreciate the full bouquet of aromas. Perfect partner for fish, shellfish, cheese, white meats and tapas of course.

Suitable for vegans


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