Tío Pepe in the Vineyard, september: Aserpiado

We will start a new chapter in our blog, this time focusing on the dedicated work happening in our vineyards. This chapter is called “Tio Pepe in the vineyard” and here, together with our Agricultural Engineer Manuel Delgado, we want to share the most relevant moments of the life in the vineyard with you.

José Manuel Harana, Coordinator and Vineyard Manager is working closely with Manuel and both are supervised by our Production Manager Salvador Guimerá who is the main responsible for the production in the vineyards.

In this initial post we find ourselves in September and it is now time to prepare the vineyards for the expected heavy rain during these months. The technique Aserpiado or Aserpia is being carried out straight after harvest, during the months of September and October – the sooner the better. Here you dig trenches in the soil with approximately 80 cms of distance between each of them. These trenches will provide the soil with more time in order to absorb and retain as much rain water as possible. The trenches also have a second purpose which is to avoid erosion in the vineyards. Without using this agricultural tool, we would end up with the lower zones of the vineyard covered in soil and the higher zones being left without hardly soil and the entire vine and roots would be exposed. It is all about caring about our vines as much as possible, as we want them to reach 30-50 years of age.

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