Travesia Tio Pepe


The “Travesia Tio Pepe” (Tio Pepe Voyage) along the Guadalete, which took place on Tuesday 21 June, came about as a tribute to those who took Sherry from its origins by this river running through the Bay of Cadiz, and made it famous around the world. With this “Travesia Tio Pepe”, Gonzalez Byass has made history!

The day began with those involved being taken from the Hotel in Jerez to the meeting point at the Real Club Náutico in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Here, Antonio Flores, Oenologist and Master Blender at Bodegas Tio Pepe gave a welcome speech, giving some information about the day’s sailing and the most important points of historical interest. Guests were then treated to a coffee and a glass of Solera 1847 or Nectar Pedro Ximenez.

Once aboard the boat, they travelled up the Guadalete, passing by the Archaeological Site of Doña Blanca, where presses have been discovered which give evidence of wine-making in this area. Once they arrived at the highest point of the river at El Portal, the wineskins were brought from the centre in Jerez, and there was a toast with Viña AB amontillado.

 On the way back, there was another stop at the Club Náutico in El Puerto, where guests could enjoy a glass of Tio Pepe together with some delicious shrimps. The original idea was to sail towards Cadiz, however, the strong winds meant that the group had to take a ‘zodiac’ to the nearby Club Náutico in ‘Puerto Sherry’ to enjoy lunch at the ‘Pantalán G’ restaurant.

 To round off the day, they boarded a boat to return once more to the Club Náutico in El Puerto. There, the “Travesia Tio Pepe” came to a close, and the guests made their way to the local train station to take the train back to their homes. 

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