Vinoble 2016

At the Alameda Vieja in Jerez, the last of the distinctive blue flowers have fallen from the Jacarandas, just as the tenth edition of the unique Salon Vinoble event decorated by these beautiful trees has drawn to a close.

Looking beyond the results of this event and the obvious improvements that are required for consolidating and strengthening the great brand that Vinoble still is today, I’d like to pass on my thoughts about Sherry and what we at González Byass have called the #SherryRevolution.

I don’t know whether it has affected everybody, or if some have got a bit lost, but the great tide that moves the world of Sherry today, has been seen from the el patio de San Fernando, to la Mezquita and el Molino, among people going out for a casual drink, or those more focused on tasting notes and bottles.

Sherry has been the centre of attention, a guest at the table of the three magical types: full-bodied, strong and naturally sweet, and it has been almost obliged to shine above everything else. The wineries have channelled all their efforts into creating new trends or basking in their most famous glories.

But Sherry has also triumphed in the expectant tasting sessions which were overwhelmed with enthusiasts eager to carry on pushing Sherry to the top of the wine tree. Important issues for debate arose, giving the sensation of being the launch pad for “something big”. Without doubt, we’ve got the wind in our sails and now is the time to make the most of it, this is the moment for Sherry.

The land has enthusiastically claimed its space in the current edition. Young oenologists who start to create great wines from the fields, new or rediscovered varietals which look for their place among the others, mysteries which have still not been revealed and always, at the end, the great legacy of these wines which are jewels in the crown.

The Haute cuisine, on the rise in our province, has also played its part as the greatest champion of our wines. In the hands of these chefs, the oenologists, converted in bullfighters, leave their creations “to chance”. They have to make them stand out, combining them with the incredible raw produce that the “great shopping basket” the south of Cadiz offers.

However, it hasn’t just been in the gardens of the Alcazar, but also in the city during lunch where the Vinoble movement has been noticed, with the Sherry Revolution more than living up to expectations, offering visitors, many of them with their lanyards round their necks, the best each house has to offer.

The Tasting Session which closed the event, although it was not widely promoted to keep it a surprise, placed Sherry once again in its rightful place as one of the Great Wines of the World, something we all know but should never forget to mention; one of the stars of shows such as this one.

In summary, two years of hard work and effort, so that the next edition of Sherry will once again be undisputed King on the throne.

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